How To Write SEO Friendly Article 2018

How To Write SEO Friendly Article 2018

Hello Friends How Are You Today In This Article I Gone To Tell You How To Write Seo Friendly , Good Looking and Professional Article. So By This Easily You Can Easily Write A SEO Friendly Article.

How To Write SEO Friendly Article 2018
How To Write SEO Friendly Article 2018

How to write Seo Friendly Article

Friends Making A Blog Is Easy But It Is Very Difficult To Manage It Friends When We Create A New Blog So We Think That We"ll Write 10-15 Posts And Get The Approval Of Adsense And You Will Start Earning From Your Website.

But This Does Not Happen And Many People's Career Ends Before It Starts So That's Why Today I Am Writing This Post How To Write SEO Friendly Article.

Friends When You Writes A Post And Do Not Do SEO Of That Post So It Is Equivalent To Not Having A Post Because Friends That Post Will Never Rank On Any Search Engine Like - Google, Bing, Yahoo Etc.... And You Will Not Get Any Traffic.

Friends, If You Do Not Have Traffic On Your Post So You Will Not Be Able To Earn that Why If You Write Any Post, Remember The Following Points :-

Top 6 Ways To Write A SEO Friendly Article

1. Post Title (How To Write SEO Friendly Title For Blog Post)

Friends Title Is Most Important To Write A SEO Friendly Article Friends, If You Write The Perfect Title For Your Blog Post So Your 40% SEO Will Be On The Page.

Friends, Keep In mind That You Must Add Your Main Keywords To Your Title.

Friends Do Not Write Your Post Title Too Short Or Too Long guys You Can Also Use These Words In Your Title Because These Words Are Very Attractive - Top 10, Popular, Top, Most, Best, Latest Etc......

2. Post Image (How To Optimize Post Image)

It Is Also Very Important To Optimize The Image To Make Your articles SEO Friendly Try To Keep The Image Size Small As Possible Friends If Your Image Size Is Big Then Your Page Will Take A Lot Of Time To Open By Which The People's Attractation Will Get Worse And He Will Leave That Post And Go To Read Another Post.

When Uploading An Image To An Article, Keep The Following Things In Mind :-

  • Rename The Image To Your Main Keyword 
  • Add Caption In Every Image

  • Add Title And Alt Text In The Image 
  • Try To Keep The Image Size Smaller

3. Post Description (How To Write Post Description)

After Title And Image Now Turn Of Description Friends Whenever You Search Something On Google Or Any Search Engine So Whatever Written Under The Title Is Called Post Description.

This Is Very Important To Make Your Article SEO Friendly. You Can Write Up To 150 Words In The Post Description Here You Can Add 4 To 5 Keywords Related To Your Post. By Doing You Can Easily Rank On Google.

4. Post Keywords (How to find the best keywords for your blogpost)

Using Keywords In Your Post Is Very Important Friends, Whatever Topic You Want To Write Your Article Find Out About 4-5 Keywords Related To The Post By Google Keyword Planner.

Keep In Mind That The Keywords That You Have Search Have High Search Volume And Low Competition Friends, You Must Write Your Main Keyword At Least 3 Times In Your Post.

5. Internal linking (How to do seo by internal linking)

Friends, I Think All You Know About Internal Linking In Today's Time, It Has Become A Big Factor For SEO.

Benefits Of Internal Linking

Friends, if you do more internal linking in your post So if any visitor will come to read your post Then he will click on the link reading the post and reach your second post. By This You Will Get High Traffic To Your Blog And Website And your earning will be too much.

6. Post sharing (How to get traffic to your blogpost by sharing on social Medias)

After Title And Linking Now Turn Of Post Sharing guys If You Share Your Blog Post On Social Media Like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube etc.

You will get a lot of traffic From there And if you share your blogpost on different - different social medias So Google also enhances your website ranking.

I hope You Like This Post And Learn Something New Now you can also write a seo friendly and good looking article ...............

How to write Seo Friendly Article in hindi 2018


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